Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mokatte iru.

Which basically means I'm making money. This is what we were doing today. We managed to sell almost everything that was meant to be sold. Okay, okay we gave a lot of stuff away and there were a couple of people who filled up a box for two dollars but overall people ponied up for the stuff we no longer have a need for. Case in point. We sold 7 chests of drawer/dressers today. We only bought one of them and that was at a garage sale so we are definitely up in that department. We sold a lot of stuff that had been handed down to us. We also got rid of a lot of stuff that we had garage saled to begin with. Toys were pretty popular today. Considering the bags of toys that we have received over the years from various folks it only felt right to give most of them away for a song. The madness definitely started early, 7:40 to be exact. The wave crested at 8:00 and I struggled in the rip tide for a while as various groups made their various piles of loot. By 9:00 the sea had calmed and we were left with about half of what we started with. I thought it was over but by 1:30 the scavengers had picked the remains pretty much clean. Just to refresh your memory we have the before picture from two nights ago. Then today.What was the wife doing in the mean time. She was selling the big stuff inside and baking cookies. We have to use up the sugar and white flour so she made a plan and stuck to it.
It looks like we will not have the trampoline much longer so the kids got in some quality playtime today. I put together a little bit of video. So here it is.

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