Saturday, December 5, 2009

Staying in Saturday.

Well it was another pizza night at the local homestead. Bought fresh mozzarella which did not want to be grated however ripped into chunks it did great service covering the pizza. Two kids and two adult pizzas were made. The daughter was on the road at a birthday party so there is lots of kid leftovers for tomorrow. The adults had some pepper salami eventhough I had made the decision to only use the gypsy salami after the last pizza session. However, the pepper salami was great. We made the pizzas in the regular oven tonight for a change. We used the pizza pans and it was pretty good. This is in anticipation of making pizza during the christmas holidays.
Up next is cupid's costume for the christmas production at the elementary school. I bought some iron on interface and then only ironed the hearts onto the interface. So when I sewed them onto the shirts they ended up kind of puffy. I was supposed to iron them together and then sew them, right? Well this was another in a long series of learning events. Second costume in less than a month. I have a weird feeling I want to invest in a good sewing machine. Very weird. Finally it is boys night here. We let mom stay at home. She is pretty important to us.

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Mary Francine said...

Really like your blog! Your family is very sweet, too. Congratulations