Friday, December 18, 2009

Spirit Arrives

Well the holidays have commenced. It was make cookies day here and the cookies are legion. Amazingly the toppings managed to last. At the start it looked like we wouldn't have enough but once everyone stopped snacking and we started rationing the number you could put on a cookie everything worked out. Not that I did any of the decorating or baking. I was more of a support staff.

I would have had dinner pictures but we didn't really have dinner. We had perogies, mccains mini pizzas, leftovers, guacamole, salasa, salad and chips. Not to mention treats, cookies and other assorted snacks. Very happy with the fact that I got a run in today. Hoping not to let the last eight months of staying fit all go to waste over the next two weeks. It will be hard.The boy continues to get more interesting every day.

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