Saturday, December 19, 2009

Daily Assorted.

Well we had a sort of dinner mash up this evening. In front we have the salmon brussel sprout and corn stew from a few nights back. At the top we have some pan fried carrots and potatoes. To the left we have a cheese, onion and chicken omellette. I have used my mustard liberally to add a little more yellow to my palette. For dessert we all had a gingerbread cookie. The son and I had the cookies that were covered in jelly beans and smarties. The daughter ate the one she had made as an effigy of herself. The wife had a modestly decorated one. Says a lot about who we all are.

Here below is the family forging on with their feast.
It was a busy day around the homestead. What with calling and singing happy birthday into the phone every ten minutes there was barely time to get anything done. However the bedrooms have been rearranged and now all three kids beds (that includes the crib) are in the small bedroom. And that is it. No toys, no book shelves, no dressers. It is a place of sleep period. There is a comfortable chair for feedings and bed time book readings but that is it. All the toys have been moved down stairs and it really feels like we are gearing up for the big fixer upper/mover outer. Still a long way to go but it feels like it has begun.

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