Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mother and Child

Nope, no family picks. Just some Oyako-don (chicken and egg stew over rice). Both kids started off pre dinner with an unwarranted yuck. Mom was quite disheartened however in the end both bowls were quickly quaffed and all was right with the world. The oyako don was made with some lovely chunks of carrot. I had a lot of broth in mine and it was lovely and warming on this blustery fall day.In other events the daughter had her second filling (first was two weeks ago) and then had to go to dance class. Dancing with a numb face. It still went okay. Tonight was the parents come and watch evening. We had our whole crew there and though the boys were quite restless we made it through. When the daughter wasn't trying to talk with her family and was actually paying attention she looked pretty good. Well it is brush teeth book time here. One more day of work this week... I think I can.

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Rachel Catriona said...

Tell K1 and K2 I would be so excited if my mom made me dinner.

Loved the vid a couple posts ago with K2 on the sled. Brilliant.