Saturday, November 21, 2009


Every have those technology troubles. You know, your browser won't connect. You keep getting those "should we send and error report" messages for some program that won't run. Tonight it is Youtube that won't upload my video. It is a minute 14 MB but no can't be having any of that. I keep getting these error messages. It is so freaking frustrating. All I want to do is share my creative work with the world. However, the internet is not cooperating. So I shall now try my blog and see if good old blogger is better than youtube. Fingers crossed.

As blogger doesn't have a status bar I have no idea who is currently winning. Youtube is at 7% after about 7 minutes. Yeah it seems like a long time to me too.

Oh a quick jump to 13% for you tube. At 16% and I am now not going to check Youtube for 3 minutes and see how far we get. So seen any good movies lately. Man there is really nothing worse to watch then a computer processing. Some day people will say, "A watched computer never loads," rather than, "a watched pot never boils." 2 minutes to go. Okay 3 minutes and 26%. That is 3.3 percent a minute. With 75% left that is 25 minutes to go. I have my money on blogger here.

I'm going to get a book to read. 10 minutes later and we are at 43%. Yup we are gonna be here all night.

So it is now 5:30 am and I have woken up from my couch nap to find the video ready to go.
Here is the overdubbed version with the kids voices.

Hope you liked it.

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