Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seeking Corporate Sponsorship

So with photos like these we must be eligible for some kind of kickback of government graft program. I mean, come on.
Well we were all pretty happy this evening, as you can tell in the previous pictures. We had all just enjoyed amazing feed, a'la wife. Tonight we started with some chips and the last bit of last years batch of salsa. So good. We definitely need to get on that this weekend.After the chips and salsa the Mrs. set us up with a shepherd's pie type casserole (sliced not mashed potatoes) some rice and a fabulous, home garden sponsored, Greek salad. Everyone cleaned their plate (or had the green peppers and red onion cleaned for them) and left the table satisfied. This didn't preclude some whining for dessert (not on a school night) however it was short lived and not too painful. I was only hit with one "boo" as the battle settled.

Good news, the daughter has managed to secure a small role in the local kids production of "Annie." I was late getting her enrolled but the director happened to make an extra role so there was a spot left over. Another cheque going out tomorrow. Show will happen in late November ( 24th or there abouts) if anyone is interested. Hopefully a Saturday night but I will have more details at a later date. TTFN.

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Allison said...

let us know the date as we'd be interested to come up and see the show.