Monday, September 21, 2009

A lucky Star

Or something equally fortuitous is following me around these days. How else can you explain the amazing dinners I have been getting. Either that or there is some bad news coming and I am being softened up. I won't get into my lunch because that wouldn't be fair but lets check out this evenings meal.

The pork roast that was on special was finally purchased, two to be exact. They were both cooked up as Cha-Shu which is basically the sliced pork that you would have with a really nice bowl of ramen. We had ours liberally drenched with the ginger soy broth beside a heaping bed of rice. Next to this was the spinach salad, accomapanied by some of our very own tomatoes. Up top we have a home made cream of broccoli soup. Tonights mystery seasoning was fennel seed in the soup. Yum a yum yum.

Maybe the balance comes from the older boy having a rash/hives/pox turn up all over his body. Even managed to get some swollen lips. He is itchy but no fever, eating well and feeling good. At the hospital they said bring him back if anything changes but I have a feeling this will be another mystery virus. Either that or he has brought back fleas and they only want to bite him. But that would be weird.

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