Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The unexpected.

Well we talked about a bunch of different stuff for dinner this evening but it turned out we had a bunch of leftovers with some noodle salad and pan fried potatoes with cheese.The daughter here is modelling her I love this dinner face. She packed away four helpings of the noodle salad. The son has yet to eat as he is passed out no the couch. Should be a late night with him. The leftover fish and curry rounded out the meal nicely and we almost didn't buy anything today. I unfortunately broke down and bought some beer and the Mrs. couldn't pass up the seven dollar 10 kilos of all purpose flour. It was like half price.

Otherwise it was a nice slow day around here. Working up the nerve to go camping this weekend. Fingers crossed it happens. No guarantees.

Ps. Oh yeah, little celebration for my 400th post. Shnikes.

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