Monday, August 10, 2009

Curry and Cabbage.

Yes it is the green stuff but not money. I do like the idea of calling money cabbage but I never have enough cabbage or cabbage conversations to use that particular idiom, colloquialism, saying. So the cabbage will have to remain in my wife's salad. She chose the Chinese variety this evening and made a nice vinaigrette dressing to cloth it in. I went with curry but foolishly forgot to forage some coconut milk. I improvised but it wasn't my best work. Strangely enough the kids both finished off their plates (small lunch syndrome is my guess). After dinner we went kite flying and it was a perfect night for it. Gusty but not too strong. We had the long line all the way out and man was that kite flying high. After coming back home we had strawberry smoothies for dessert. Good times.

Below are the finished product pictures for the bed room. Fortunately the resolution isn't that good. I touched up the really glaring stuff but I have definitely learned from this experience. From here on out it will be paint the trim first and then tape and paint the rest. That has to be easier than the other way around. Also carry a rag and wipe off the glaring stuff so that when you paint the alternate colour on the trim/wall you don't need three coats. Yes many many lessons learned. I also need a thinner brush to paint the grooves in the wall board. I truly loathe wall board. I can't even imagine what a wide expanse of gyproc must be like to paint. You, a roller and twenty minutes. Zip, zip zip.

The wife mentioned how nice the room looked and wouldn't it have been nice to live in a house that looked that way the whole time. She is a little put out with the fix it up to sell thing. I pointed out that we would have had to paint again anyways as the kids have crayoned, painted, and written on most of the wall areas they can reach. She fortunately gave me this point but I don't think I will be that lucky in our next digs. Moving in will be much busier next time. That may be a "lets hire someone and go on vacation for a week," kind of a scenario. Time will tell.

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von grudegin said...

No one paints trim first. Sacrilege. But the wet cloth is a must. That way you don't have to tape anything. Just keep wiping. I think it looks awesome.