Saturday, July 25, 2009

Secrets in the Sauce.

When the apples start falling it is time to make sauce. Today we put up seventeen litres of the stuff. Should be good for a lot of baby food and the Mrs. also makes use of it in a lot of baking instead of butter.
The box in front of the Mrs. was totally full at one point. It is a large box. Our microwave came in that box. It is mostly empty now that we have put up the seventeen litres (10 litres pictured below). So after a wicked long day of running and making apple sauce and playing with and doing various things with the kids I was totally bagged. So I made pizza. It was pretty damn good pizza too. The wife however had a serious complaint. She wants more from her dough. She wants a whole wheat crust. Something with some fiber and heft. So from here on out I will be making two types of dough. I will make a smaller batch of the current dough and I will look for and try to perfect a whole wheat wholesome dough.
The basil leaves on top of this pizza were picked by the kids. Our garden is starting to round into shape. Speaking of gardening their is a truism that I read in one of my gardening books that I have really come to embrace. Vegetables are a lot of work. Fruit is almost free. I cannot tell you how little work has gone into raising the apples for apple sauce, the lovely cherries, and the raspberry canes. The eating apple tree is looking really good and come september they should be crisp and delicious. Good times. Have a good night.

ps. Both the wife and I managed to slice into a finger during the process. Used up the last two bandages in the house. We bought more when we got the pizza stuff.

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Rachel Catriona said...

Oh that pizza looks good!

Sauce: you turn the jars upside down to cool?

Dough: please keep us abreast of the wheat dough crusade. I think one of the realities with a hearty grainy dough is that it will be quite crunchy, not soft and chewy. But that could be really nice. Throw in some ground flax perhaps?