Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dueling Burgers

It is kind of like the dueling banjos only you get to eat them at the end. We ended up having dinner at our friends house in celebration of Canada's day of birth. Lots of playing, drinking and some moderate karaoke-ing ensued. The dueling part was the fact that we made some home made burgers and they made some homemade burgers and they all got grilled up together. Both were delicious. There were also three salads, our standard coleslaw, a lovely potato salad and a never before tasted watermelon, olive, mint and feta cheese salad. Intriguing blend of flavours. That is what is so nice about eating with friends. The opportunity to try something you wouldn't have made yourself.

The lack of dinner pictures is because I totally forgot. However, we did manage to take some pictures of the baby with various people at the party.Dad and son.

Son in lap acting all cool.Son eating hand in lap.
Surprised that she is out of focus mommy.
Future baby sitters and son.

So there you go, we fete'd Canada and had a good time. Back to business as usual tomorrow. Three days till birthday madness. Yikes.

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