Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Veggie Sea Cakes.

A few days back the Mrs. mentioned to me that we should take a trip, back in time. So off we went and checked out June 08, just to see what we were eating then. It was kind of neat to reminisce and see what we were up to last year. It also gave us some ideas for things we hadn't eaten in a while. One notable was fish cakes. So that is what we had.

Now tonight the wife put a notable spin on fish cakes. She made them with tofu. And egg. For those who like to partake of the middle kingdoms food I would equate it too a foo yung type dish. There was salmon in it as well so it did technically qualify as a fish cake. Neither of the kids were all that chuffed over it but I think the nice rice noodles had something to do with that. They both packed away a couple of helpings a piece. The salad portion of this evenings meal was some stir fried veggies. Bok choy was the big hero, coming through with a strong clear taste that was balanced by his other garden buddies.

After dinner we made cup cakes, (pup cakes according to the son) for the daughter's bday tomorrow. Apparently when you are a summer birthday they choose some other day within the school year and that becomes your special day. So tomorrow she goes to school with 22 cupcakes. We only made 24 and the daughter and son both had to have one before brushing their teeth tonight. You do the math. I'm going to drown my sorrows in a beer.

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Allison said...

poor brother man. i hope the beer was good.