Friday, June 5, 2009

Hot Pizza

I am bushed. With a run this morning, taking care of ducks, visiting the dentist, making pizza, taking the kids swimming and various other activities it was one packed Friday. Saturday isn't looking much better. We are going to have a water slide play day for the daughter tomorrow. These darn kids run my life.

Anways, lets talk about the pizza. I whipped up the dough before heading to the afternoon dentists appointment. Disappointment number one was being out of flour. Oh we had whole wheat flour with which we made our biweekly four loaves of bread. But no regular old white flour. So I made whole wheat dough. A much trickier proposition as it just won't get as smooth and stretchy as the usual stuff. Way harder to get thin thus requiring a thicker crust. It was sufficient but if I am going to try and make a healthy dough there is going to be some superior experimenting or some kind of combination of whole wheat and bleached flour.

As for toppings the kids had the regular. They put one whole pie back but they weren't their usual voracious selves. Could be the heat. Could be the crust.

I branched out today and made a spicy chorizo sausage pizza with mushrooms and red peppers. I rather enjoyed it but the wife found it too spicy.

Here the Mrs. is showing off her masterwork. Notice she gets the toppings right out to the edges. She loaded on the veggies and had some ham on it as well. I rather enjoyed it and looking at the picture right now I think I deserve another slice before bed. I will say one thing for the whole wheat flour. It made for a better slip off of the pizza peal. May use that from now on to make the transfer to oven smoother.

Sorry for the lack of bread shots. Busy day.

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