Monday, June 8, 2009


Seeing as it is the first word in the title of this blog I thought I would give an update on how things are going out back. That and the fact that I missed the dinner shot. By the way we had rice topped with a cabbage and ground beef affair. With a little ketchup on top it was great.

To start with here are some rose cuttings from the front. The wife thought cutting them and letting them blossom inside was so much nicer than leaving them outside for the deer to feast on.As for the vegetable garden. Things are going well. Here are the raspberries. With a proper frequency of waterings and some amazing attention from the local bees they are .As for the garlic from last fall it is sizing up nicely too. We are starting to see the scapes elongate and begin to curl. I will be popping them pretty soon and we will finally be back to our own fresh garlic. Yeah.
You can see the beats and beans starting to get their footing. You may also notice that the carrots, brussel sprouts and other stuff didn't do nothing. As usual the lettuce transplants are getting real bushy. Lets hope they are as sweet as they are bushy. I have a tendency to grow bitter lettuce.
Here are the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers that I have on the drip feed. I haven't put up the line for them to climb yet but they are getting some size. It should be good. Unfortunately the hot peppers in the foreground are not loving life. Finally here are the eggplant seedlings I got from my friend in the background and the pepper plants I started from seeds in the foreground. These peppers were in their own properly sized pots for longer than the other peppers and they look much healthier.All in all the garden is coming into its own. However, I do plan to till or turn all the massively weedy parts next weekend. Honestly, it is almost a forest and I want to cry. If I am inspired I may do a before/after set of pictures. For posterity.

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