Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad loves Cheese

Well what a father's day I was treated to today. The baby managed to sleep all the way till mom was back from her run. I went for my run and returned home to a nicely designed place mat/cherry design and some warm pancakes. Fabulous.

From here I was allowed to go out and weed to my hearts content. I am up to three bags of Hoary Alyssum to go out tomorrow morning. It is yard waste day tomorrow. Loving it.

For lunch the wife made bean and salsa dip and some wicked guacamole and I chowed down on this combo with my favourite nacho chips. I also scored some leftover pizza. I was in heaven. Then it was back outside for some more weeding. I have a blister on my right index finger where I get the leverage on those little buggers. After I finished the last area I planned to do (not the last area in the yard, just the last one for today) I took the baby for a bit so the Mrs could run out and get some supplies for this evenings dinner, Chicken Karage. Lovin it. She also made use of the fresh lettuce, spinach and radish I scored from across the street today. I was picking up two zucchini transplants as our neighbour's garden runneth over. Now this was all on top of the curry cauliflower soup that she pureed earlier in the day.To top it all off I feasted on Cheese cake. Made special for me cheese cake. So cheesy good. I plan to take a choice slab for lunch tomorrow and lord it over my coworkers. I am sure none of them will let on about how jealous they are. That's okay. I know.

Now I have to apologise for only having one not quite in focus picture. To start the day I just wasn't thinking about it. Then come dinner time the battery was almost dead because the son was messing with the camera today. Being sub par on using the current camera the best I could do was put it into long view mode. No flash but crummy on the sharp close up detail.

All in all it was a kingly day and a great weekend. We sure didn't get up to much but I loved not doing it the whole time.

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