Monday, April 20, 2009

Shake and Dip

Well the shake and bake chicken came back tonight. The main seasoning ingrediants were garlic powder, basil and chili powder. I think it turned out well but I would have liked to bake it for another 15 minutes. It was getting late and everyone was hungry but 40 minutes was a little border line. Chicken still scares me. As it is, I had the thicker pieces. I may try skinning some pieces next time as the wife never gets to eat the seasoning. I don't think it will be as juicy but the flavour will be there. I smell an experiment coming. The turnip was boiled forever and just wouldn't get all mooshy. Or we have a very weak masher. Veggies and dip to round things out and it was a nice night. The dip was a lemon, yogurt, dill affair with some crumbled soft tofu thrown in for good measure. Actually it was made from a recipe the wife found somewhere. It works.

This next pic is of the latest child playing with one of those baby amusers. He can actually bat the dog around now and make the thing bark. Now whether he is batting it or it is just some random arm motion we don't know. However, as always, I am thinking genius.

Except for the cross eyed fixation on the bumble bee. That is more Jerry Lewis than Albert Einstein.

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