Thursday, April 2, 2009

Noodles and Junk

Well we stuck to this weeks menu plan and had vegetable stir fry tonight. The wife made it with soba noodles. It was a little noodle heavy but tasty. I added some tandori paste on mine. This evenings dinner was complemented with slurpees, salt and pepper potato chips and cheese cake. Good eating. After dinner we didn't get to go swimming because the Thursday night free swim is done for a while. However, we did play pokemon for about an hour. Currently the Mrs and I are having a bit of a tussle over whether we should buy a Wii or not. I am in favour and she is against. I say it will be good family entertainment and active at the same time. Also when people come over we can use it as an entertainment piece that people can get involved in. Also it is a pretty good deal. The wife points out that it may end up trapping us in our house. It will detract from our other pursuits and it will increase her stress level from having to tell the kids they can't play when it is not the scheduled "play time." So what do you think? Too Wii or not to Wii. We are deadlocked here.


von grudegin said...

I am against. sorry brother man. those things are not real living. other pursuits. bring in the UNO

sleep(y) student said...

I have to go with the wife on this one. Checkers, monopoly, flying kites, badminton, croquet, family yoga.. do you really want to fight with the kids about going outside to play?