Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lobster Roast

No we didn't crack open the piggy banks. We had a wiener roast in the backyard on this first truly spring like day and I am now simmering in my own juices as the sunburn slowly sinks in. Here is the comparison with my slightly darker skinned daughter. I did by some moisturizer which I plan to use liberally when this post is done.

For dinner, we had pizza this evening. Even though it was a little bit late it was still good. After making two more ham and pineapple pizzas this evening I think I am ready to start expanding my children's repertoire. After what is probably three years of making ham and pineapple kid's pizza I am just a little done with it. Although really, I am here to serve and if that is what they want it is probably what they should get. And here it is.
As for those with the more refined pallet, at least in our own eyes, we had yellow pepper, onion, mushroom, olive and hot Hungarian salami on ours. The second adult pizza (wicked tonnes of leftovers tonight, it felt like I ate just over the right amount instead of way too much, I'm growing) had half of it covered in dried chili pepper rings. Mmmmm hot. I also made a big pot of turkey chili after the pizza making was done. We are going out tomorrow afternoon and we don't want to have to cook when we get home. And yes we are still eating frozen turkey from Christmas. Yosh (this is a positive Japanese exclamation much like a "Yes!" would get you in English)

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