Saturday, April 25, 2009

The International scene.

Tonight we have a two shot. A Thursday/Saturday double header, action packed with something for everyone.

Two nights ago we had te-maki sushi. The wife whipped up a whale of a weekend starter. Something to fill up your belly in any which way you pleased. There was a tangy tart tuna salad combination. There was also some natto with green onions. An aquired taste but one I have grown to love. In lower right you can see leftover turkey curry, vegetable soup, pork stir fry and mashed turnip. It was a leftover night as well as a te-maki night. Yes you could have picked from an amazing assortment of flavours. Definitely something for everyone.
Speaking of something for everyone here are the three youngsters posing down. Notice the oldest can hold the youngest. This could be good, it could be very good. Picture this, "can you go and get your brother, maybe give him a bath and feed him." Well okay that's not going to happen but the big sister thing is definitely starting to percolate.Now on Friday I totally forgot I had to referee some soccer games, so korrokke were ditched for a quick shepherd's pie. The daughter managed to get a ride along to one of her friend's older brother's birthday partys. Long story short, swimming and loot bag make daughter a happy girl. After getting my referee on again this morning I came home and spelled off the wife who finally managed to get her run in. It was supposed to be gyoza tonight but that is quite labour intensive so I offered to make pizza instead. I am not saying the wife jumped at the offer but she quite quickly gave in and we started making dough.

Now I am not saying it is anything like the pizza one might get in Roma or Napoli but we did try using the techniques demonstrated here. And our crust was excellent tonight. Light, thin and crispy with a really well risen edge. Everyone enjoyed it and it was some of the lightest crust we have ever made. The kids are pictured here with their own creations. They even got to shape their doughs. I came in with a few fixes at the end but then they did the toppings.
If you can ignore my cheesy grin. (the wife had me holding it for what seemed like ten minutes) you will notice that the pizza looks pretty darn good. They all did. I wonder what kind of zoning variance is needed to put a real wood burning stove into our kitchen. I will have to look into it.
I also made more squash and brussel sprout soup. Less veggies and more curry powder. The bowl I had was impossibly hot so I can't realy vouch for the flavour. The brussel sprouts were great though.


Rachel Catriona said...

Gorgeous pizza!! Oh, and children.

Fall Garlic said...

And with my mug everyone must be thinking they are adopted. lets face it I married well.