Monday, March 23, 2009

Two types of fish.

A friend of ours came over today to help us make Tai-Yaki. This is a classic Japanese baked treat. In the middle is a sweet bean paste. Our friend brought back this cast iron tai-yaki maker from Japan and came over to set it up today. It was a lot of fun.Then for dinner we had marinated salmon. The marinade was concocted from lemon, soy-sauce, dill and sugar. The wife kind of poached it in a fry pan with the marinade. It turned out very well. The salad had an oil and vinegar basic dressing and we nice and simple. The wife really enjoyed the straight up white rice. She usually makes a mixture of unpolished and polished rice but this evening she went easy living and made it with just white. Good times.

Finally we have a picture of the babe at a month old. Can you believe it has been a month. I can't.

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von grudegin said...

So cute. I can't even believe it. It looks like he's getting really nice and chunky. This picture made me real sad that I am not there to get some of that baby's lovin'.