Friday, March 13, 2009

Keep the good meals rolling.

As we finished up our dinner this evening the wife said to me, "you really enjoy making dinner don't you." I responded, "When I can use my thinking power to think about dinner instead of work it is a pleasure. However, when I am working I just don't have the power left at the end of the day to think about it or I am still thinking about work." Which is to say, I am loving taking care of dinner and making it to the best of my ability each night. It really is something that you can think about all day.
Tonight I made a marinated steak salad, mashed turnip and beans. I went on line to find steak marinade recipes and the advice seemed to be either soy sauce savory or lemon juice acidic. I put in a little bit of both. I also added vegetable oil, prepared mustard, mustard powder, garlic powder and honey. There may have been something else but I forget. I put the still frozen steaks in a Ziploc with the marinade and left it on top of the fridge for most of the day. I turned it a couple of times and once the steaks had thawed and I could separate them I moved them to the fridge. The turnips were boil and mash with some butter, salt and pepper. Kids loved it. The beans were right out of the can cooked in their own tomato sauce. I liked the accent they added to the meal. The Green salad was romaine lettuce, green onions, cucumber and tomato. I forgot to dress the salads before putting the sliced up steak on, but no one was overly put out.
The wife had made her healthy chocolate brownie yesterday so we had that with some hokey pokey ice-cream. Delish. Funny story. The ice cream was on sale, normally 8 dollars on for 4. So we got two. One was hokey pokey (toffee chocolate) and the son requested vanilla. At the check out stand we had an incident with some chips which I thought were over priced but you had to buy four to get the deal though there was no sign indicating this. Then the wife bought some feminine products which she thought were on sale and when the check out lady rung them back through they were indeed discounted we just hadn't seen the price as they went through due to the chip debacle. So at this point I am apologizing and just wanting to get out the door. Once outside the wife makes me check the receipt and I notice that the vanilla ice cream was charged at $8.19. So I head back in to the frozen foods and just as expected, the only ice cream of this brand that was not on sale was the french vanilla. I am sure it should have been on sale or at the very least should have been separated from all the other flavours (everyone of which was on sale) but after having the two ring through refund ring through agains I was in no mood to debate the relative merits of their pricing schemes seeing as the ice cream was priced correctly. I get back outside and relate the details to the wife. She thinks we should return the over priced ice cream. I don't and we walk home. So the son is an $8.00 ice cream man from now on. Although I can't complain. I managed to get a free four pack of red peppers the other day for noticing that they charged me twenty cents too much. Literally every time we shop there we find something that isn't properly priced in the system. The store's policy is that if you bring it to their attention you get one of the item for free. Every time I have found a mistake I get the item for free. The wife says that from the tens of times she has found a price mistake she has only gotten the item for free three or four times. Crazy. It makes me angry and sad at the same time. It is just much tougher to be a woman than a man. I wonder how many times harder it is when you are a minority.
Speaking of gender, here are the men of the house having some quality bonding time while the daughter is at a play day at her friends house. I took everyone (including the friend ) swimming this afternoon before making lunch. Definitely getting my shots in while I can.

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von grudegin said...

What jerks!!??!! How could they not give her the item for free? She's gotta start cracking skulls.

Super cute baby pic. Love it.