Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is it the weekend?

I mean when you have three options for your wrap filling things are looking pretty good. Orginally I was just planning to make a tuna salad and a salmon salad option for this evenings wraps. However, the daughter mentioned she would not eat either so I threw in a chick pea and green pea curry as a third option. The fish salads were made from canned tuna and salmon. I minced some onion and soaked it in vinegar to start off both salads. The tuna then had minced carrot and celery added with some mayonaise, salt and pepper. The salmon salad was minced red pepper with our home made yogurt. I also whipped up some guacamole to go along with the shredded romaine lettuce and the left over rice. I had three wraps and feel great about it. This is the kidlet and he looks like he is waving. He is sitting beside the home made bear he got yesterday. Gotta love people who go the extra distance.This is a story of fatigue. I managed to get some quality conk out time with the youngster too. All in all another great day.

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