Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ask a question.

Well I asked the kids what the wanted for dinner and they told me in no uncertain terms. One wanted noodles. The other wanted curry. So I made pasta with curry sauce.The Mrs. wanted to go for a walk so I gave her a wish list on her way out the door. Steak, chick peas, cream and frozen corn. I also asked for a cucumber for the salad but seeing as I didn't make the salad I don't know if that counts. My final request was for a treat, something chocolatey. She did let us down. But first lets talk about the sauce.

I started by frying the steaks in a little oil in a sauce pan. While they were browning I diced some onions and garlic and started to sweat them in a biggish pot with some oil. While the onions sweated and the steaks were turned over, I food processed half the chick peas with some vinegar and water. The consistency was closer to smooth than chunky but it definitely wasn't humus. By now the steaks were browned on the outside so I transfered them to a cutting board and sliced them into little chunks. Then I added the steak and spices to the onions. I added about a table spoon each of, cumin, coriander and paprika with a teaspoon of tumeric and cinnamon. I covered this and let is cook for about five minutes. By then the colours had all blended and it was starting to look like curry. Next I added the chick pea puree with the remaining whole chick peas, the sliced red peppers, and the frozen corn. Then I made a classic blunder. Not quite up there with getting involved in a land war in Asia but close. I wanted to add some kind of roux to get that nice thick curry consistency. Unfortunately I added too much flour. I started by heating up a cup of water in the microwave. Then I added about half a cup of flour (should have been maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons) with a small container of cream and some oil. I whisked this in the measuring cup and then added salt pepper and basil. This was then added to the curry. Don't get me wrong it was still great but the flour muted much of the spice flavour. This made the kids happy and they gobbled up their portions. Lots left for lunch tomorrow and we are thinking of using it as a filling for wraps when we head over to see the widwife.

As for the treat the wife managed to pick up some of these bad boys on sale. Gotta love the week after valentines. Its all good.

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