Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So we had quite a different feast tonight. Different in that there was a starch/carb side. No rice in a bowl, no potatoes, I mean there was some bread under the pizza toast but it just wasn't the same. I enjoyed my dinner yet somehow it feels like something is missing. So lets take it piece by piece and see if you can help me out. We had the pizza toast. This is a simple yet to me inspired notion. Take the leftover pizza sauce. Slather it on bread. Add some cheese slices and voila. Instant pizza. I tell you even after all this time I still get fooled quite regularly.

Beside the pizza was some cha shu. This is a pork roast which is boiled in a ginger, garlic and possibly sugar mixture. Well sort of half boiled. The water only comes up to about the middle of the roast in the pot. I don't know how long said roast is boiled but it was cooking this morning as we left for school and the aroma almost kept me from getting out the door. This evening it was sliced up and served warm (some help from our friend Micro Wuave (rhymes with rico suave)).

Finally there was a green salad with daikon radish spears. It had a very Asian flavour. Some sesame oil with vinegar and soy sauce would be my best guess. There were probably some other flavours added into the dressing but as it is bath time I cannot get the information from the source. But take my word, it was yum.

The son had a preschool field trip to the ice arena for skating today. Mom was there to give us the inside scoop and play by play. However, I will paraphrase from what she told me.

"He was great. Really enjoyed himself. Totally zoomed around with the little bar contraption. Even skated pretty well without it. He is better than sis at that age. Maybe its a boy thing." or he could have inherited some amazingly athletic genes. You know, from the wife. Come on my head isn't that big... at least give me the benefit of the doubt.

On a different note I am starting to feel a little self conscious about the raw photos that I upload to my blog. I have just recently started reading some more polished blogs and it looks like photoshopping all of your photos might be deriguer. And I have always wanted to be French. What do you think? Can I get away with the folksy charm of my uncentered, no perspective, overexposed pictures or do I have to step it up a notch?

Ps. I am resisting the urge to look up derigurre. I know I have spelled it wrong but ... damn it here I go. Blogger gives me drogue, trigger, derringer, draggier and dredge. Nope. My second version gets even more obviously wrong words. At the bottom of Dictionary dot come I finally got de rigueur. I guess the space was important. Oh but I was close.


von grudegin said...

Man, I have always thought that your pictures look delicious. What are you going to do? Those are your plates. That's the food on them. How can you make them look like something else? I don't know what sort of photography tricks there are but I think "No special effects required. Yum Yum Yum Yum Yummmm".

ps being french is overrated

von grudegin said...

Okay, I did a quick look-see over some of your recent posts. Taking pictures of food is like taking pictures of babies - You gotta be nice and close so they fill the frame or just about. People want to see the goods.

Allison said...

you people own a killer camera (from what I remember) so i do think you could try and take a more pleasing pic. i mean if you are going to keep this up for year you might as well perfect your picture taking. night time is tricky though. i've noticed blogs about breakfast tend to have better pics (i'm serious).