Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chops and chips

Well the first part of dinner was home made and the second came in a bag. After dance class pickup we went to the grocery store and got the toothpaste that the kids have been needing. We of course had to get two tubes of identical toothpaste. My treat was a bag of buffalo wing and blue cheese chips. They are pictured on my plate to the right.
The home made stuff consisted of a really yummy pork chop covered in a nice sauce. No details on how it was seasoned but I enjoyed it. There were some green beans cooked up the same way but as the wife pointed out they came from a can so they lacked that crispness you get in the summer. The kids were all over the noodle salad. The son was eating it by the fistful. I think this may have been the last day for the stew. Everyday the beef gets more tender. It was actually hard to pick up with a fork because it was so crumbly.

Gotta go chop some fire wood before getting back to work.

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