Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tortillas and tournaments

This evening my wife cooked up the turkey breasts that we had planned to use for dinner last night. We had our favourite wraps, only this evening it was fried turkey, with the green pepper, onion and mushroom stir fry. There was some reheated rice (the japanese version of refried beans), shredded cheddar and some hot salsa for yours truly to round out the wrap. I had two and it was just the right amount. We also had a cucumber lettuce and chive salad with the onion and vinegar dressing. Sappari is the word in Japanese. It is like tart and refreshing. We did not have candy or ice cream after dinner, as we pointed out to two very disappointed children this had been kind of a hedonistic weekend and the holiday season is about to get into full swing. Okay we just said not tonight but we were definitely thinking of a rationale should one of our children read this at a later date. In any case, the post dinner hijinx which ensued below more than made up for any missed dessert. After the hijinx I had a bath with the kids (first time in a long time)and we all decided there would be enough room in the tub for a third kid as long as it was small and I lay on my side in a semi fetal position. After all that I planned to go back in to work but I just couldn't pull myself away. Now that I have blogged I will read a few more pages of the pokemon guide and then me and Mrs. will sit down to a video. What to watch what to watch.... hmmmm.

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