Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice is Nice

Barely having the will to live it is a miracle this blog is being written. The four toughest most grindingest days of the school year begin tomorrow. I have a stack of marking that would choke a horse waiting for me at the dinner table. And I am here, feeding the muse. Or is she feeding me. I never quite knew how that one went.
Anyways we started the day going to the annual Santa movie, co-sponsored by my local union and the guy from the north pole. This years movie was Madagascar II and I have to say, for a kids movie I loved it. Lots of great adult humour not so buried in the story. Great use of scenes and concepts from other movies also kept me chortling in my seat. Can't for the life of me think of the correct turn of phrase to describe that scene stealing like they had in Shrek 2, but I know it is out there. Moving on to the actual topic this blog purports to be about we had dinner this evening. For dinner we had Ni-mono. The wife threw this together and we all enjoyed it. However, there were no accompaniements. Neither of the adults in this house had any motivation to get creative or even get something out of the freezer. The end of year blues is getting us down
So we just had ni-mono, and bowls of mint chocolate chip ice cream. The next set of photos is of us out and about on our backyard ice rink. It is down in the minus 7 to 15 range these days so the rink is starting to shape up. I have put on three layers today. I have also made some classic blunders.
Slow and steady is really the only choice in a situation like this. As my good buddy with the lovely back yard rink put it so succintly "1/8th of an inch". That is all you can do at any one time.

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