Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eating with the Queen.

Well the leftovers are slowly being finished or packaged and put in the freezer. We had noodles and fried rice for lunch which was a nice change. The son and I even had cereal with yogurt and milk for breakfast. I still managed to get a couple of servings of turkey with stuffing today and my chocolate content still has me registering in the almost diabetic range but the holiday excess is slowly moving away.
For a change we ate out, or at least I went out for dinner stuff. The Queen of Dairy fashioned most of our dinner this evening. The daughter did have pancakes (leftovers) and I still was eating left overs but the son had a burger and fries and the wife had a sundae (she claimed to have already eaten). We ate in the living room and watched the Incredibles for the umpteenth time. The son is definitely hooked. It is possible we may actually cook and sit down to eat dinner tomorrow. But I ain't making any promises.

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