Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All things home made.

I made it home in time to sample some of this evenings meal still hot. It was a lovely loaf which had been eviscerated and then stuffed with chicken, veggies and the like then topped with cheese. It was kind of a pizza loaf. It was way more than you could get your mouth around so I made my way through it with the help of Mr. Fork and Ms. Knife. His pointed barbs and her sharp edgy remarks made for an interesting meal. The salad was the wife's classic green with onion vinegar dressing.

After dinner the daughter and I went to work on our harvest. The bale of hay we bought last year turned out to be wheat or barley. When we put it down as a mulch during the summer we had no idea it would grow. So to our eternal joy we had a grain harvest recently. The grain went into our food dehydrator on the weekend and tonight we tried to separate the wheat from the chafe. I am sure this system has been perfected many places in the world, even doing it by hand. However, we sat at the dinner table working at the individual kernels of wheat.
After we had a small handful the daughter went over to our mini coffee grinder and turned it into whole wheat flour. We now have somewhere between a third and a quarter of a cup of flour. If we could have gotten a whole cup I would have made pizza dough. As it is we might just use it for muffins or cookies.
Is it just me or is there and evil glint in her eye as she pulverizes the wheat kernels into powder.

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Allison said...

total evil glint my friend.