Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pizza the Second

So we broke out our brand new pizza oven for the second time and first time in our home. The pizza was superb. The sauce was made entirely from tomatoes and garlic from the garden. Cut the tomatoes, seeded them and then chopped them up in the blender. After boiling for about 15 minutes I then let them simmer for about an hour. The garlic, basil and oregano was sauteed before adding the tomatoes and afterwards I added salt and vinegar.
We came up with a few different varities of pizza this evening and all were vegetarian. Though I am a true believer in salami and pepperoni the wife has pointed out how the preservatives in them make me all stuffed up afterwards. That coupled with the reading of fast food nation and all those people dead of listeriosis and I am pretty gun shy around the animal products. So we had vegetarian. The kids had individual sized cheese pizzas and really seemed to enjoy the small sized pieces and having it all on their plate. The wife and I made do with peppers and tomatoes from the backyard, some pesto and artichoke hearts we had in the fridge and a very modest portion of cheese. I have to tell you about the dough. As this evenings pizza sauce was a little more involved than usual I let the kids have a really good kneeding session. The result was awesome dough with half the work I usually have to do. Note to self. Child labour can be a good thing when it comes to making pizza. For dessert we tucked in to the sweetest, cheapest cantaloupe that we have ever had. In Japan these babys would have run anywhere from 15 to 30 dollars. Here, a buck eighty-eight. There is definitely something to say for eating food in season. I mean sure august and september would be the feast months but you would look forward to it so much more. If you could only have cantaloupes in august and september you would look forward to it all year and it would be that much more special. That day may come again. I am sort of looking forward to it.

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Dora said...

the thing is...the car rental and gas would hacve cost me like $300 total...I looked into it. I even looked into going with Ritchy and then flying home but with air home, hotel in montana and chipping in for gas...again in the hundreds. plus, the real reason for no journey to grand forks, my neck hates long rides in the car.
enjoy the long weekend!