Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Handles.

Well with the heat still on today we hit the granby river for a change of pace. Nice, but much colder than the kettle. This followed hard on the heals of a morning of gardening. Almost ready for Kiyomi's b-day party in two days. I am trying to green up the lawns. The veggie garden is ready for display, mostly. I have to prune the apple tree both for production and the pruned bits will be used for the fairy houses that are going to be built on Saturday. So yeah things are getting done. Speaking of which I finally changed the faucet in the upstairs bathroom. Moen, buy it for looks, buy it for life. It really does look much nicer don't you think. A really organized person would have had a before and after picture. Well at least some of you gave me the benefit of the doubt. Suckers. This all managed to occur with water still running through the rest of the house. No hot water but toilets and washing were all going. Everyone was happy. Upon finishing I was greeted by this lovely summer dinner.

The pasta salad had a mayonaise and vinegar dressing. Lots of big chunky fresh vegetables, some steamed for ease of munching. The sandwich was a black forest ham, cheese, lettuce and mustard on whole wheat bun. By the time I took this picture I had already finished the first one. Fixing bathrooms is hungry work. Thirsty work too. Of course I finished the second beer minutes after finishing this first one in the frosty mug. Two more days till show time. Wish us luck.

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