Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back to earth

So we had a killer weekend and then on Monday night we had some more simple fare. Note, there will be no Tuesday night entry as the perogies were gobbled up without much fan fare. However, this picture of Monday's dinner shows that the sausages that were not cooked Monday morning for breakfast were cooked for dinner. This was hit number two for meat from Overwaitea. The steaks on Friday were wicked good and the sausages today were flavourful, not salty and almost fat free. The plumped when you cooked them and each sausage ended up being twice the size of an extra food sausage, post cooking. No wonder the Extra foods sausages are half the price. They are half the food. This evenings rice was take komi gohan. Rice cooked with mushrooms, vegetables and some flavourings. Nice. The green salad was not completely from the garden but did get a good hand up. The noodle salad was left overs and the miso soup was ... well miso soup. Clear clean and refreshing. Just what one needs after a weekend of gluttony and excess. Until Wednesday.

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Allison said...

i am happy to see my noodle salad on the table.