Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Paper Fish

This evenings recipe was a blatant sales ploy by overwaitea. It worked. We saw the add for buy one get one free fish fillets (sole perchance) and beside it was a recipe for pesto baked fish. We we had the pesto we bought two weeks ago for the pasta so instead of making our pesto from scratch we opened the jar and pesto, there it was. Tonight's nimono was squash, yam and spinach. Fabulous as usual. The cauliflower and broccoli were lightly steamed and then the wife made a vinegar based dressing for them. The miso soup was teaming with tofu and dried Japanese radish (daikon). There was also rice of course. I was stuffed. I had a sister point out that the previous five plate dinner we attempted was insanity seeing as we don't have a dish washer. I hope she notices that we only used three dishes this evening even though it could have fit on five. Up tomorrow. Parent teacher interviews. So I will not be eating with the crew. It sounds like a toss up between home made chicken nuggets and yaki soba (fried noddles). I am looking forward to finding out which it is almost as much as you.

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