Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friday: April 4th.

Well seeing as it reached 15 degrees this week we figured it was time to Barbeque. Silly us. Not that the hamburgers weren't great but we woke the next morning to find a few centimeters of snow on the ground. Will this winter never end. On a gardening note, the carrot and spinach seeds that I have under plastic in the garden are doing absolutely nothing. Apparently good intentions have absolutely zero effect in the actual world of raising vegetables. Back to dinner. The baked potatoes were great. I have recently improved my wrapping technique. I use the Long thin strip and go diagonally. Anyways, it makes me happy and I am sure I save fractions of a penny, which may no longer be in circulation soon, on every potato. At this rate I will save at least 2 cents in tin foil yearly. Of course I do such a crappy job with my garlic bread wrapping that I probably give back ten times that. Penny wise and Pound foolish. Damn... thats me. Once again back to dinner. We forgot to buy burger buns so they were served on toasted bread. Delicious but the sauce sort of oozed through. The real treat was the Moyashi (bean sprout) salad that the wife whipped up. It had this amazing blend of ginger, vinegar, and sweet. I must of seemed slightly crazed as I raved about it because she was giving me the, -- did I really marry this guy -- look. Anyways it was good. We also finished of the pork miso soup. As my flu extended to the fourth day I was a little disappointed I didn't have more of an appetite.

Tomorrow: Ebi Chili. Tune in to find out what this is.

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