Sunday, April 6, 2008

Everything Mexican.

This evening my mom gets back from her second trip to Mexico this year. In a quasi celebration we have made our version of chicken fajitas. I do not claim to have any aspirations to making authentic Mexican food. I do really like our versions though. The chicken is sprinkled with salt and pepper, beaten with the back of the big knife and then cut into strips. It is fried with garlic, paprika, nutmeg, and chili powder. Then sliced red peppers and onions are added in and the whole mess is fried up till the onions go brown and the chicken starts to get little black spots. With fresh tomatoes, lettuce, our home made salsa (canned last august, only 9 litres but all five varieties remaining), the guacamole and shredded cheese rounding out things the wraps came out great. Chips, salsa and guacamole filled up the plate and my daughter and wife made lemon pudding in individual serving cups for dessert. Interestingly, I was the only one unenthusiastic about the salsa. The first batch I made last year I put peach in and didn't add many jalapenos. Well the kids loved it and my wife really enjoyed it. I was disappointed because there was no discernible heat. Can't please everyone. We have this weeks menu whipped up and though it was a bit of a mental hurdle we have not repeated anything from the first three weeks. Look at that, we can make at least 21 different entrees. Can you hear my sore elbow popping.

Tomorrow: Chili, with garlic toast. I promise to make it juicy enough to warrant the toast.

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