Friday, April 18, 2008

After the Fact

So we got a little carried away, what with having guests over for dinner, and we completely forgot to take a picture of a nicely manicured plate pre-tucking in. So this evenings picture is of seconds. Sorry. I did my duty though and had a little of everything. The lasagna was much more of a classic lasagna than I usually make. Low and behold it was truly delicious and lasagna like. I usually try and make layers of vegatables and it just doesn't work out. This evening I used the Jessica Seinfeld puree and hide the vegetables trick with yams and carrots. They went right into the sauce and man was it good. The green salad was nice with the same soy sauce dressing the wife made a few nights ago. However, the topper was the pumpernickel loaf that came from the organic, no white sugar or white flour bakery we have in town. It was truly amazing bread. We are sending an espionage team in to find the recipe and take out anyone who tries to stop them. I honestly think the baker would give us his recipe if we asked. He is a really good guy. We did have healthy brownies for dessert (bran in the brownies, who'd of thunk it) and they were a nice accent. The molasses in the pumpernickel was nicely offset by the shiraz that our guests brought for dinner. All in all a good night.

Here is a shot of the kids after dinner. Thanks for coming friends from Kamloops. Hope you eat as well in Trail as you did here.

Tomorrow: Probably fish chowder. We are indecisive at the current time.

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