Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It has come to our attention that we do not like the daily stress of planning dinner. Some days it is great, you know, when that creative flair strikes and there is some dish just dieing to be whipped up (not necessarily potatoes but ... mmm whipped potatoes). However, the other six days of the week still need to be taken into consideration so this is our attempt at getting organized. The basic idea is to plan a weeks worth of lunches and dinners every sunday, get all of the shopping out of the way, and then stick to the plan during the week. Hopefully this fulfills two goals: One, cutting down on food costs and the crazy impulse spending; Two, freeing up much needed thinking time during the day to contemplate the relative strength of the yen and the pros and cons of getting a real tent trailer.

The money is not such a big issue but living within a budget and our means is always nice. The cutting down on the stress thing I believe will be huge. We have noticed that a lot of stress goes into trying to figure out what will be for dinner. This is not a new problem, way back in 1986 I can remember this being a huge problem for my mom. Often upon arrival home from school good old Ma would be in the kitchen with a mildly lost and distraught look on her face. She would say, "what would you like for dinner?" in an almost pleading tone. I would come back with barbecue chicken of spaghetti Bolognese and she would just light up. I guess after years of making stuff everyday it just gets to be too much. So this is our attempt to feed four with some wholesome food and a little panache. But not too much though, panache makes me gassy.

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