Saturday, March 29, 2008

Roots of the Ocean

On a personal note, I am always a little surprised by how well I feel the day after having fish or eating vegetarian food. Although I invariably have a larger appetite the next day I feel more energetic and less heavy. (the scale likes it too) Last night we had pan fried salmon and spinach with garlic and an almost whipped potato salad. It was refreshing and light. The garlic spinach was out of this world. I think there may have been some soy sauce in the mix. The Salmon was relatively expensive for a single meal but as long as we only have it once a week it should be doable. As we ate dinner I commented that we should move to the West coast of Vancouver Island. We could fish and farm and be truly self sufficient. The wife said she would be the fisherperson until I mentioned that she always gets sea sick. So I will fish and she will garden. I wonder, can you grow watermelon in Tofino. My guess would be no. So that leaves us here in the GF. It could be much worse.

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