Monday, July 27, 2009

Bathing Beauties.

Well we totally forgot to get a picture of the barbecued pork chops and cabbage salad. There were also seaweed wrapped onigiri on offer. Nothing super fancy but sufficient to keep the masses in line. However, no picture, my brain is fryzazzled.

It is hot here. Like 36 and humid hot. We have been having lots of thunderstorms. It is very good for our little valley to be getting rain but I need me some of that dry heat.

In other news we almost got organized enough to start moving stuff out of the daughter's room to start painting. Almost. Hopefully something gets started this week and two weeks from now I am feeling like a real man with a summer project under my belt.

So here is the money shot of the first time the three kids shared a bath together. Milestones.
Very discreet I thought. However, it may not be up long.

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